Resolve to be Well in Winter

February Hot Pick at the Bookstore! February 8, 2018 New Year’s resolutions are hard to keep and understandably so. We lose interest, the goal we selected is too hard: we have all been there. Resolutions related to losing weight can be extremely difficult because they tend to be extreme, where we expect results in a…

Spirit is in Season

December Hot Pick at the Bookstore December 2, 2017 There are many reasons to be excited as the winter break approaches. The Winter Solstice, Hanukah, Kwanzaa, Christmas, and New Years are just some of the holidays that bring people together. It is a time to give and share, whether that be through gifts or through…

Take Time to Travel

  November Hot Pick at the Bookstore! November 20, 2017 The end of the semester is upon us, and so is the new year!   Planning for the new year can be stressful and life can be hard to predict.  However, 2018 will be a great year to take time to travel! Plan some adventures for…

Price of Progress

Progress should not inherently translate into social and economic inequalities and social strife.

Breakup Blues

Education and awareness have great potential and power to incentivize changes in attitude and behavior.

Wild Whitewater

However, value is not limited to something concrete and that which we directly utilize.

Borrow With Care

Every past, present, and future civilization is dependent on land.

Aerobes vs. Anaerobes

Composting is nature’s way of recycling, as necessary nutrients are released back into the environment where they fuel the growth of new biota.

“Not In My Backyard…”

While most people would not dispute the necessity and importance of them, most people would passionately maintain that their community should not host them.

Discards Disconnect

“Aside from fleeting encounters – such as a glimpse of a collection truck trundling down a neighborhood street – many people have only a vague sense of where their discards go.” ~ Heather Rogers, in her novel “Gone Tomorrow: The Hidden Life of Garbage” (2006) Rodgers uses this quote as an introductory sentence of Chapter…